How I Interlock My Locks The Right Way

I been interlocking my locks for years and at first I interlock my locks anyway I wanted, but in general their is a right way for fuller uniform locks.  Their are many rotations to start with, like 4pt, 3pt, 2pt, but just so you will know that the 2pt could make your locks loose with that (y) and I hate it when that happens, and of course I had them all over the place, so when I exspearminted with the 4pt rotation I noticed a difference, that it made a better uniform feel with no (Y) at all.

I know that people who have locks that do their own interlocks starts out with any rotations, but if you want a fuller more uniform lock.

My Interlocking Pattern

If you have tighty curled Type 4a – 4b Hair: 3-9, 6-12, 9-3, & 12-6

East to West

South to North

West to East

North to South going down.

If you have Tightly Curled for 3b – 3c Hair:  3-9, 6-12, 9-3, 12-6

Easy to West

South To North

East to West

North to South
You want to repeat until you have no spaces, but not to close to the scalp.

I hope is is helpful. If you have any question. Just hit me kid 



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