Tuesday Lock Tips#5


Hey guy’s. This is Tuesday Lock Tip, So Tip #1 Styling your locks is beautiful and unique, and it’s fun to show off all the styles you can think off, So always apply a light oil on your scalp and spritz your locks with essential oils with purify water in a spray bottle, do this lightly before styling, doing so help prevent your locks from breakage, snapping off, so you want to always keep some type of moisture before you style your locks.
Tip#2 I love to wear lock jewelry, it’s fun, and fly and people all around will see how well you keep your locks looking fresh, and well maintenance. Never over accessorize your locks with heavy loc jewelry, make sure that the loc jewelry you wear is light-weight base on the size dread lock you have. Wearing heavy loc jewelry will cause your locks to weaken and eventually break over time, so keep it simple but nice and light-weight.

Check me out next Tuesday for more Tuesday Lock Tips! 


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