Tuesday Lock Tip #3

photo (14)

Best Way To  Shampooing Your Dread Locks:

Tip 1#. If you just had your locks installed it’s best not to disturb them at all, you should hold off washing them for at least a week or two, and if you had them installed by a professional loctician it’s best to speak with him/her before you shampoo your locks or let them shampoo your locks for you.  Shampoo to early after and installation can cause your locks to unravel all together, and you don’t want that to happened.

Tip 2# make sure if your shampoo is a bit thick that you get a spray bottle pour a generous amount of shampoo into the bottle with some purified water, then shake it up a bit, so when you ready to shampoo your locks it won’t be embed in your locks, this can cause buildup, and it can make your locks look like you have dry white/grey mildew on them, and you don’t won’t that.



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