Loose Press Powder

How many ladies use the Ben Nye Banana  Luxury Powder?  I know I certently do, So as you can tell in the pic, I have a elf High Definition Loose Powder container.  I love that powder as well, but I love Ben Nye even more.  The reason why I have the elf container is because it’s durable and I love it, and two, is because I don’t like to waste nothing, so I decided to clean the elf container out just so I can put the Ben Nye Loose Powder into the container, and guess what! It works, so if you have an empty container around the house don’t throw it away, instead use it for something els especially if the container looks nice, just make sure after washing the continer that you use some type of alcohol at least 90% proof.  I hope this was helpful information.  Take Care 



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