Loc Tips

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

You been thinking about getting locs, and you waited a long time and finally you went and got them done,  it’s not over yet, you got the hard part over, and I know you was left with instructions on how to care for your locs once you get home.  Trust me,  I’m going to make this simple as I can, very easy tips to follow and when you follow these four tips your locs will love how you care for them.  I hope you will enjoy these tips. Keep it loced in to my blog, tell a friend about me for more tips on loc care. See Ya Next Time!

Tip 1.  Leave your locs alone, playing in your locs will disturb them and they might unravel are become frezzy.  So the best thing for you to do is let them do their own thing.

Tip 2.  Always wear a silk cap before going to bed, this help keep your locs clean and nice looking, also it locks in moisture as well.

Tip 3.  If you’re not sure how to shampoo your locs, always consult with your loctician so that you know if you’re doing it right, or if you should go in for her/ him to do that service for you.

Tip 4.  Keep your locs oil and hydrated by adding water in a spray bottle with your favorite oils, like tea tree oil, coconut oil, your locs will love it trust me.

I hope these four tips was helpful after your first installation, and i wish you much blessing on your new locs.


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