Tips On Keeping Your Dog Cool


Tips On Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

1. Keep your dog hydrated with lots of water indoors and outdoors, this is necessary because you don’t want you friend to go through that, also you can put some ice cubes in a bowl on those very hot days, so treat your dog like you want to be treated, and that with kindness Yawl.
2. Another way of keeping your pet cool this summer is turn on the hydren on the side of the house and spray your dog, they will love that, and while you at it spray the kids and the grownups, this is so enjoying and fun.
3. Give your dog some tasty treats, they will love that, plus they high in water
4. Tile is a good place to let your dog lay on, it will keep your dog cool and relax and also happy
5. If your dog is outside by all means, make sure there is somewhere he can go to take shelter from the hot sun yawl, this is terrible and it has bad rays, you can set up a little tent or umbrella. Better yet put up a kiddie pool for your pooch.
6. Proper grooming is vital, especially if your dog is hairy, by all means yawl take your dog for a haircut and remove that access hair off. This way your pooch will be cool and comfortable.
7. Don’t leave your dog in the car and walk away, this is call dog cruelty, and please don’t tie them up in the sun, you know better than that!  “Think about this”  How would you like for someone to tie you up in the sun, I’m sure you would not like that, so treat your pet how you would want to be treated.

I surly hope these tips where helpful. Please let me know what you think and if you have a tip please leave in the comment section. Thank You So Much  If you like to purchase the nice Pet T-shirt just click the button.

Thank You So Much For Listening..



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